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Home Archive Year 2013 Vol. 7 no. 1
Vol. 7 no.1


Invited editor: Oana Matei

Dana Jalobeanu - Francis Bacon, Early Modern Baconians, and the Idols of Baconian Scholarship  
Sebastian Mateiescu - Francis Bacon on Potential Heat   
Claudia Dumitru - Crucial Instances and Crucial Experiments in Bacon, Boyle, and Hooke   
Brett Fulkerson-Smith  - Kant’s Illuminating Experiment:  On the Placement, Purpose and Essential Procedure of the Experiment of Pure Reason in the Critique of Pure Reason   
Oana Matei - Husbanding Creation and the Technology of Amelioration in the Works of Gabriel Plattes  
Patrick J. Connolly - Travel Literature, the New World, and Locke on Species   

Book reviews       
Mihnea Dobre - Material Objects and Circulation of Knowledge in Early Modern Low Countries  
Sandra Dragomir - Philosophy - the Medicine for Body and Mind    
Bogdan Deznan - The Medicine of the Soul and the Baconian Legacy in Early Modern Context  
Robert Arnăutu - Between Renaissance and Modernity: Bacon’s Advancement Of Learning   


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