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Home Archive Year 2015 Vol. 9 no. 1


Invited editor: Andrea STRAZZONI

Andrea Strazzoni - Introduction.  Subjectivity and Individuality: Two Strands in Early Modern Philosophy  

Stefan Heßbrüggen-Walter  - Early Modern Subjects and the Self-Conception of Philosophy in Germany 1556-1599  

Steven Barbone - Oliva Sabuco and the Matter of the Matter

Chiara Catalano - The recentior nominalis of Leibniz’s Disputatio metaphysica de principio individui: Fulgentius Schautheet and his Controversia against the Thomistic Doctrine on the Principle of Individuation  

Hannah Dawson - Hume’s Individual: Agent or Billiard Ball?  

Charles T. Wolfe - Diderot and Materialist Theories of the Self  

Book reviews   

Frank Daudeij - From Radical Materialist to Idealist: The History of Spinozism in the Netherlands  

Alberto Vanzo  - Cartesian Empiricisms

Reviews of special issues   

Dana Jalobeanu - Robert Boyle’s Experimental Philosophy Revisited   

Doina-Cristina Rusu - Experiments in Early Modern Natural History and Natural Magic   


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