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Hume and Political Realism
Invited editor: Tamas Demeter

Ferenc Hörcher - From Reason of State to Coordination by Trade: Hume’s Commercial Society as a Means of Arranging National and Global Political Order

Yosuke Hamada - Utility and Reality in Hume’s Political Thought

Alessio Vaccari - Social Resentment and Justice. Considerations on Hume’s Realist Approach to Passions

Éva Kiss-Koczka - Justice as an Aritificial Virtue: Selfishness and Human Nature in the Moral and Political Thought of David Hume

Book reviews   
Dwight K. Lewis Jr - Race in Early Modern Philosophy
Erdmann Görg - Hall's New Interpretation of the Opus Postumum

Andreea Parapuf - Why the Context of Evaluation Matters


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