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Home Archive Year 2017 Vol. 11 no. 1

Early Modern Intellectual Networks

Invited editor: Ovidiu Babeș


Ovidiu Babeș, Instances of Descartes’s Early Projectionism: the Correspondence with Ferrier

Vlad Dolghi, The Role of Mathematics in Maupertuis’ Epistemology and Natural Philosophy

Sergio García, Descartes and Education: the Cartesian Reformation of the Seventeenth-Century Institutionalized Knowledge

Remus Manoilă, Theological Implications of the Concept of Dominion in Isaac Newton’s Thought


Book reviews

Sabin Coroian, Letters that Made History

Sebestian Kroupa, Career-Building across the Oceans in the Eighteenth Century: A Review of Marie-Christine Skuncke's Carl Peter Thunberg: Botanist and Physician

Adrian Manea, The Technically Manifolded (Classical and Quantum) Space Ontology

Oberto Marrama, Spinoza and the Galilean Heritage

Ramona Winter, Demeter’s Opticks-Inspired Interpretation of Hume


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