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Home L’importance du symbole et du symbolisme dans le developpement psychique


Gabriel BALACI, Lecturer Ph. D.
Western University „Vasile Goldiş” of Arad
Telefon: 0257 - 250609
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ABSTRACT. The Symbol in Psychoanalyze is defined as an indirect representation of an object, person, idea, supernatural being, etc. This indirect representation is nothing but a synthesis of all the others means of expression as comparisony, allegory, metaphor etc. For a psychic content to be symbolized, namely expressed in a symbolic form, is mandatory for it to be repressed in the unconscious. The Symbolism is a representations system based on symbols and aims the expression and the transmission of beliefs and traditions from one generation to another. The Symbol acquires its full value to the word. The language is the most complex and comprehensive symbolic system. The access to the language, therefore the implied use of the default symbol  stand for the acquiring of the symbolization ability of the subject, and assures in this way his access to the culture. By analyzing different physical manifestations, but also of artistic creations, such as folklore, myths, legends, we see the universality of symbols. Such symbols have the same meaning in dreams, in the creations of folklore and the legends from different historical periods and peoples geographically very distant from each other. According to some authors, like Ferenczi, symbolism has its roots in the tendency of child to figure as satisfying his needs and desires, using his own body. By the symbolic identification the child succeeds to appropriate the environment relating his body or parts of it.  The use of the symbol, the acquisition capacity of symbolization  and the access to symbolic ensure a normal process of mental development for child. The Symbols system,the symbolic,ensures the insertion of person in a historical trail linking him to his ancestors and assures a paternal role in relation to his followers. Among the symbols the most active impact on our psychic lives we mention the Shadow, The Symbol of Twice, which lies at the basis of numerous legends and myths of the hero. This symbol is discussed at length, beside organics symbolism in this article.

Key words: symbol, symbolism, symbol of twice, symbolical relations, psychic development

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