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Lect. univ. dr. Corina VAŞCA
Western University „Vasile Goldiş” of Arad
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ABSTRACT. The meaning of the word “sacred”, when associated with traditions, refers to a comprehensive process, manifested by the Christianization of the Romanian people, the human presence within the world and its relationship with the Divinity. The sacred is a category of interpretation and evaluation that “only exists in the religious area” and escapes reason, according to German theologian and philosopher Rudolf Otto. In his words, the sacred has a live component in all religions, which makes up its very specific characteristic. Without this content, Rudolf Otto maintained, “all would be far from religion”. He called it “numinous”, which implies the idea of “good, divine”. The human being is linked to the divinity through faith, but only in the presence of love. The human feelings configured through faith by numinousness are those of thrilling, respectfully sacred, mystical attraction, vital energy and love. “Christianity creates the world again, linking the human being to the divine work.” The principle is the incarnation of the Son of God, Jesus Christ […]. He brought into this world, devastated by sin, a new way to accomplish this work, the theandric way, the divine-human way.” (Crainic, The Paradise Nostalgia, Iaşi, Moldova Publishing House, 1996, p. 6). Vasile Militaru acknowledges this type of relationship, and his religious poetry is centered on meditation and the relationship with the divinity. From a stylistic point of view, in his poetry one can observe the process of human development towards a superior moral being, with the coordination of religion. Critically, beyond the written verse there we find strong experience of the Orthodox faith, a modest artistic and esthetic level. The Christian poet describes the religion state, but not how it is experienced. There are stylistic elements, but in all cases, with few exceptions, they are sacrificed at the expense of versification, moral and education precepts.

Key words: sacred, divine, poetry, faith, numinous, Cosmic Christianity

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