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Identity, Reason, and Passions in Early Modern Thought
Invited editor: Anna Ortin


Anna Ortín Nadal - Hume, the Problem of Content, and the Idea of the Identical Self

Xinghua Wang - A Skeptical View on Locke’s Theory of Personal Identity

Alexandra Bacalu - From Tranquillity to Agitation: Remedies Using the Imagination and the Passions in Early Modern Thought

Francesca di Poppa - Redeeming Enthusiasm: Enthusiasm and Reason in Shaftesbury’s The Moralists

Olivér István Tóth - Inherence of False Beliefs in Spinoza’s Ethics

Sean Winkler - The Conatus of the Body in Spinoza’s Physics

Filip Buyse - Spinoza on Conatus, Inertia, and the Impossibility of Self-Destruction

Book reviews

Laura Georgescu - Revitalizing Kuhn’s Philosophies of Science

Daniel Collette - Spinoza and Stoicism

Review of special issue

Michael Deckard - Does Sensibility Have an Historical Context?


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