Vol. 9 no. 2

Challenges for Eu’s Foreign and Security Policy in The New Global Security Environment

Invited editor: Cristian Bențe

Cristian Bențe – The Marshall Plan and the Beginnings of Comecon

Eduard Rudolf Roth – The Behavioural Dynamics of Romania’s Foreign Policy in the Late 1990s: the Drive for Security and the Politics of Voluntary Servitude

Adrian Liviu Ivan, Ruxandra Emanuela Nuț –  Sami People and the Right to Self-Determination

Victor Moraru – Promoting Politics as Way of Existence in Contemporary European Media

Irina Ionela Pop – Economic Growth, Trade, and Energy in the BRICS: Assessing the Negotiations with the International Organisations

Stelean Ioan Boia – China and the New World Order in the Era of Globalisation

Nicoleta Lăşan – Iran’s Nuclear Proliferation – Challenge or Survival Opportunity for the Common Foreign and Security Policy?

Book reviews

Speranța Sofia Milancovici – Interrogation, Vision, and Foresight on International Relations

Ovidiu Babeș – Descartes’ Complete Correspondence

Reviews of special issues

Kirsten Walsh  – The Unknown Newton