Vol. 17 no. 1

Volume 17, Issue no. 1 (33), April 2023

Ferenc Dániel Páll-Szabó, Ratio Studiorum and the Jesuit Education in Cluj

Margareta Szegő, Intellectuals and Culture: Contributions to the Development of the Jewish Elite in the Central European Context

Emanuil Ineoan, The Birth of an Aromanian Elite: The Case of Christea Geagea

Andreea Dăncilă Ineoan, The Emergence of a New Leadership in Changing Times. Looking for an in situ Transylvanian  Elite during the 1918 Revolution

Florin Lucian Coita, Sport, a Defining (and Nostalgic) Element of Arad in the Past

Book reviews

Sabin Dumitru Coroian, The Search for the Soul of Plants (review of Fabrizio Baldassarri and Andreas Blank, eds., Vegetative Powers. The Roots of Life in Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Natural Philosophy, International Archives of the History of Ideas Archives, volume 234, Cham: Springer, 2021)

Mihaela Livia Guleș, The Cities of Central Europe at the Twilight of the Habsburg Empire (review of  Catherine Horel, Multicultural Cities of the Habsburg Empire, 1880-1914: Imagined Communities and Conflictual Encounters (Budapest: Central European University Press, 2023)

Ilie Gherheș, An Ornate Book Written in the Guard Room of the Muse Clio (review of Ioan Bizău, Tradiție și continuitate artistică la Nicula. Contribuția călugărului Ilarion Mureșan (Tradition and artistic continuity at Nicula. The contribution of the monk Ilarion Mureșan) (Cluj-Napoca: Renașterea, 2020)