Sport, a Defining (and Nostalgic) Element of Arad in the Past

Sport, a Defining (and Nostalgic) Element of Arad in the Past
Florin Lucian COITA

Abstract: In the sports landscape of Romania, the city of Arad appears as a special phenomenon, perhaps also due to the fact that the practice of sports in this area, as organized associative forms, represents in many cases a first in the Romanian space. We refer here to horse riding, shooting, skating, gymnastics, rowing, fencing, cycling and especially football, which appeared and developed rapidly in the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.
In Arad, the development of sports was boosted and favored by the impetuous development of the economy and society in the city and the adjacent area, this being also visible in the interwar p eriod.
There was then a good quality press, in Romanian, Hungarian and German, which gave ample space to sports. Besides that, numerous famous personalities of interwar Arad, from different fields, practiced sport, loved it and, as far as possible, support ed its deployment , promotion and development.

Keywords: Arad, sport, interwar, press, personalities

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