Vol. 7 no.2


Invited editor: Filip Buyse

Filip Buyse – Introduction 

Oana Matei – Macaria, the Hartlib Circle, and Husbanding Creation 

Filip Buyse – Boyle, Spinoza and the Hartlib Circle: The Correspondence which Never Took Place 

Thomas Sukopp – Robert Boyle, Baconian Science, and the Rise of Chemistry in the Seventeenth Century 

Ilaria Gaspari – The Curious Case of the Vermiculus. Some Remarks on Spinoza’s Letter 32 and Spinoza’s Views on Imagination and Reason 

Giuliana Di Biase – The Development of the Concept of Prudentia in Locke’s Classifications of Knowledge 

Joseph Zepeda – Descartes on Physical Vacuum: Rationalism in Natural-Philosophical Debate 

Isabelle Wienand, Olivier Ribordy – Public and Private Objections to the Cartesian Thesis of Mind-Body Union: The Divergent Replies in Descartes’ Letters 

Daniel Schneider – A Spiritual Automaton: Spinoza, Reason, and the Letters to Blyenbergh

Anton Matytsin – Fictional Letters or Real Accusations? Anonymous Correspondence in the Bayle-Jurieu Controversy