Vol. 11 no. 1

Early Modern Intellectual Networks

Invited editor: Ovidiu Babeș

Ovidiu Babeș, Instances of Descartes’s Early Projectionism: the Correspondence with Ferrier

Vlad Dolghi, The Role of Mathematics in Maupertuis’ Epistemology and Natural Philosophy

Sergio García, Descartes on Education: the Cartesian Reformation of the Seventeenth-Century Institutionalized Knowledge

Remus Gabriel Manoilă, Theological Implications of the Concept of Dominion in Isaac Newton’s Thought

Book reviews

Sabin Dumitru Coroian, Letters that Made History

Sebestian Kroupa, Career-Building across the Oceans in the Eighteenth Century: A Review of Marie-Christine Skuncke’s “Carl Peter Thunberg: Botanist and Physician”

Adrian Manea, The Technically Manifolded (Classical and Quantum) Space Ontology

Grigore Vida, The Relationship between Physics and Metaphysics in Descartes and The Early French Cartesians

Ramona Winter, Demeter’s Opticks-Inspired Interpretation of Hume

Review of special issue

Oberto Marrama, Spinoza and the Galilean Heritage