Purpose and Goals

Society and Politics is a journal devoted to the exploration of the interactions between the history of political thought and the history of ideas/intellectual history, focusing on the formation and development of the major concepts and intellectual trends that have shaped the modern and contemporary European thought. It welcomes original research coming from the areas of intellectual history, history of political thought, philosophy, sociology of knowledge and it strongly encourages inter and cross disciplinary approaches as well as diversity in regional coverage, chronological range, and methodological approaches.

Society and Politics is a biannual publication issued by the Center for Humanistic and Social Research, a division of the “Vasile Goldis” Western University of Arad – being the successor to the Studia Universitatis “Vasile Goldis” – Social And Human Sciences Series, started in 1994.

Society and Politics is a scholarly peer reviewed journal. All research articles published in this journal have gone through a rigorous peer review, based on an initial editor screening and blind-reviewing by at least two anonymous referees.

Society and Politics aims at publishing thematic and special issues and for this is seeking prospective guest editors that would be willing to submit proposals for thematic and special issues.

The responsibility regarding the content of published material pertains exclusively to authors /scientific referents.

Society and Politics is an open access journal. Submission and publication are free of charge. Readers are allowed to read, download, print, search, link, and use articles in other lawful purposes.

Copyright belong to the journal. Nevertheless, authors willing to republish their work will contact the editorial office and letters of allowance will be offered.