Vol. 13 no. 2

Rethinking Mechanical Automata in Early Modern Europe

Invited Editor: Stefano Gulizia

Stefano Gulizia,
Introduction: Rethinking Mechanical Automata in Early Modern Europe

Lily Filson, Reformation England and the Performance of Wonder: Automata Technology and the Transfer of Power from Church to State

Vera Keller, Living Machines in the Early Stuart Court

Miguel Palomo, Christiaan Huygens’s Cosmotheoros: Anthropological Theology and the Mechanization of Nature

Vittoria Feola, Talismans as Automata. Hebrew Philology and the Mechanisation of Nature in Jacques Gaffarel’s Curiositez

Simon Dumas Primbault, An Ink–and–Paper Automaton: The Conceptual Mechanization of Cognition and the Practical Automation of Reasoning in Leibniz’s De Affectibus (1679)

Christian Henkel, Broadening the Horizon of Occasionalism: From Metaphysics to Science