Vol. 15 no. 2

Volume 15, Issue no. 2 (30), November 2021

Maria Pantea: Woodrow Wilson’s Ideas and the Romanian Intellectuals from Transylvania and Banat

Iuliana Florentina Tripon: The Interwar Period, “A New Era”. Creating Favorable Circumstances for the Foundation of a Romanian Unified Nation-State

Ilie Gherheș: The Organization of the Parliamentary Elections in November 1919 in Historical Maramureș

Dan Roman: The “Future is Bright” Turned to Twilight. American Military Intelligence in the 20s

Bianca Șendrea: From Carmen Sylva and Empress Sissi to Carol II. The History of a Romanian National Costume

Remus Câmpeanu: Power from Church to State. Historiography between Politics and Diplomacy – Case Study

Emilian Ban: The First World War – Testimonials from Hell

Florin-Corneliu Popovici: A Book with People and about People