Vol. 8 no. 1

The quest for certainty at the crossroads of science, religion, and philosophy in the early modern period

Invited editor: Claudia Dumitru

Claudia Dumitru – Introduction

Elena Muceni – The Search after Moral Certainty. The Origins of Malebranche’s Project of a Science of Ethics and its Development in his Treatise On Ethics

Mariangela Priarolo – Individual Certainty and Common Truth: Leibniz’s Philosophical Grounds for Toleration

Anya Topolski  – Spinoza’s True Religion: The Modern Origins of a Contemporary Floating Signifier

C.M. Lorkowski  – Attenuated Deism and Hume’s Propensity to Believe

Lawrence Pasternack  – Kant’s Touchstone of Communication and the Public Use of Reason

Jason Dockstader  – The Day in Which All Cows Are White: Spinoza’s Acosmism in Another Light

Book reviews

Sandra Dragomir  – Philosophical Aspects of Philipp Melanchthon’s Œuvre

Iordan Avramov  – Living with Purpose: Meaningful Lives in Early Modern England Examined