Vol. 5 no. 2


Christopher D. JOHNSON – Making the “round of knowledge” in Bacon’s wake: Naudé, Comenius, and Browne
Sandra DRAGOMIR – Utopia and New Atlantis, utopia revised
Oana MATEI – Macaria and the puritan ethics of direct participation in the transformation of the world
Marţian IOVAN – The City of The Sun and the foundations for social performance
Alexandra TORERO-IBAD – Fictions of the world in Descartes’ and Gassendi’s physics
Dana JALOBEANU – Core experiments, natural histories and the art of experientia literata: the meaning of Baconian experimentation
Laura GEORGESCU – A new form of knowledge: experientia literata
Mihnea DOBRE – Cartesianism and chymistry
Landon FRIM – Sufficient reason and the causal argument for monism
James A.T. LANCASTER – A brief, but erudite examination of the Renaissance artes historicae: Grafton’s What Was History?
Stăncuţa Ramona DIMA-LAZA – The beginning of the scientific revolution in Early Modern Europe
Grigore VIDA – The philosophical Newton
Doina-Cristina RUSU – Modern disciplines and the transforming reception of a text
Cristian BENŢE – Religion, politics and society in Early Modern Transylvania